diciembre 28, 2020
  • Through its subsidiary Logista Pharma, the company has all the necessary capacities to face the challenge of this distribution.
  • The company has extensive experience in the distribution of all types of vaccines, even those that require extreme temperatures for their conservation, handling, transport and delivery to the final destination.
  • Logista Pharma has one of the largest pharmaceutical cold rooms in Europe.
  • Logista has the highest pharmaceutical capillarity for the distribution of the “last mile” to the 13,000 planned vaccination points.


The distribution of the vaccine against COVID-19 will be a big logistical challenge to ensure a perfect distribution to the 13,000 administration points planned in Spain, in addition to compliance with all the regulations and technical-pharmaceutical requirements necessary to ensure the correct conservation throughout the distribution chain: from the manufacturing plants to the final delivery at the vaccination points.

Logista Pharma owns 11 large and modern pharmaceutical plants between Spain and Portugal for the storage and distribution of highly complex pharmaceutical products that require specific facilities and with special technical characteristics. The company has one of the largest pharmaceutical cold rooms in Europe.

To permanently guard the vaccines, and ensure that they can reach the population in the best conditions, Logista has several security and control centers, equipped with the most advanced technology, which allows it to carry out, in a centralized way, the surveillance of all storage centers, as well as online monitoring of the entire transport and delivery fleet.

Logista Pharma ensures full traceability of each of the units supplied, even regarding batches, thus complying with current regulations for the distribution of pharmaceutical products.

Logista has the largest transport network in the entire country with specific services for pharmaceutical products, including pharmaceutical cold rooms in all the main cities of Spain and Portugal, as well as more than 450 delegations where to organize the distribution of "the last mile”. Due to this great capillarity, Logista is the company that has the best and largest delivery capacity for the different COVID vaccines at the 13,000 points planned for their administration. For this, Logista Pharma relies on the Logista Group's transport network and companies; Nacex, Integra2 and Logesta.

Extensive experience in other vaccines

From its extensive experience in these operations, it should be noted that Logista Pharma has been managing more than 10 million vaccines for human use annually, highlighting the complex annual flu campaign. In particular this year, more than 4 million units have been successfully distributed in less than 6 weeks, in more than 6,000 delivery points throughout the Spanish territory.

This experience is added to the important volume of distribution of vaccines for animal use (veterinary drugs), where Logista Pharma manages around 146 million doses per year, which are distributed in thousands of final destinations throughout Spain and Portugal.

All this extensive experience makes Logista Pharma the best partner for the distribution of the new vaccines against COVID-19.

About Logista Pharma

Logista Pharma is the subsidiary of Logista specialized in Pharmaceutical Distribution to Hospitals, Health Centers, Pharmacies, etc., in Spain and Portugal. The company offers laboratories the widest range of services to cover all the distribution needs of pharmaceutical and Healthcare products. Logista Pharma currently works with more than 200 laboratories.

About Logista

Logista is the leading distributor of products and services to local businesses (pharmacies, hospitals, kiosks, service stations, tobacconists, etc.) in southern Europe. Its distribution network reaches around 250,000 points of sale in Spain, France, Italy and Portugal, thus facilitating the best and fastest access to the market for all types of products.



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